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Teaching and evaluating aeronautical communications

Uleadair is the leading company in Aviation English Airmanship Online Training and Evaluating with
16 years of experience teaching and evaluating aeronautical communications in a scenario- based setting.
Our goal is to improve the communication skills, airmanship, and safety of pilots all over the world.


American Air Traffic Controllers

Our Language/Flight Simulator is operated by our FAA Air Traffic Controllers. All our ATC controllers have more than 30 years of experience making them one of our most valuable human resources in our courses. Once they go through the theory part of the class making sure the pilots understand the procedures and phraseology, the instructor changes roles and becomes an ATC controller in our online simulator, making our scenarios come to life with live realistic interactions.


Scenario based learning

Our Scenario based learning method combined with our virtual simulator lets us emerge pilots in all stages of flight to practice ATC communications and procedures simultaneously.

This method of teaching lets us re create routine and non routine scenarios, to make sure pilots are learning and practicing not only routine phraseology but also stategic communications needed to solve any non routine situation.


Online Classes and Quality Meetings

Our online classes make it easy for any pilot or student pilot to join a class wherever they might find themselves. As long as you have stable internet to join a zoom meeting and a microphone you can practice and learn Aviation English, strategic communications, procedures and FAA regulations anywhere in the world.system, where clear and precise communication is the basis for success.


We offer a double schedule per day to choose from


That is, the class is repeated daily and pilots can enter at the time that best suits them.

The schedules to choose  time CDMX (México):
9:00 am to 11:00 am or 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Our Online simulator -U-SIM- as a meaningful tool.

Map of meaningful situated communications that drive students to learn faster

Regulating linguistic complexity in a controlled environment now is possible in an online useful tool for educators. The “U-SIM” communication tool is a friendly computer programming model that organizes language tasks designed around features and objects relevant to the aviation environment. It has the capability to replicating any airspace, including approach charts, airports diagrams, runways, or STARs anywhere in the world.

By modification of input and relationships between objects (airplanes, clouds) and activities or situations (like aircraft systems failures, passenger emergencies), followed by a play mode, the U-SIM empowers both instructors and student pilots to experience different realistic scenarios for a realistic role-play according to a lesson plan. Furthermore, a remote control permits student pilots to “fly” his/her aircraft from home leading to dynamic recreations.

Finally, because the U-SIM stimulates learning through a living experience of authentic communications, it triggers the mental map of meaningful situated communications that drive students to learn faster.

Our Evaluations

Evaluation is a direct exam and where the interaction between the pilot and the FAA controller

Our online evaluation is a direct exam and where the interaction between the pilot and the FAA controller is in a fully operational environment and carried out with a native ATC controller who
in both the examiner and evaluator.
During the simulation we evaluate the pilot’s knowledge of
the English language whether s/he uses it efficiently to solve an unexpected flight situation or struggle to put across his or her message. We observe in detail if the pilot can produce a
grammatically correct, set of coherence sentences, with enough fluency as to not interrupt or deteriorate the dialog in the communication processes. In addition, we also evaluate the use of FAA standard phraseology and essential terminology.

We recreated a flight to the USA in our online simulator, starting off with routine communications

To achieve these objectives, we recreated a flight to the USA in our online simulator, starting off with routine communications. At some point in the scenario, a systems failure is shown that forces the candidate to transmit messages related to their operational needs: resolve, describe
and in any case negotiate with ATC their intentions. All of this is in relation to the ICAO requirements contained in its document 9835 on linguistic competence.

At the end of the scenario, an interview is also simulated - with an FAA inspector - with whom the candidate is expected to use Plain English in a narrative form to report on the sequence of events they have just experienced. It is a very complete exam that is consistent with what an airline pilot can expect in flight in the US airspace.

The final objective of the test is to predict at a high percentage whether the candidate, as a pilot, will be able to communicate when things could start to get complicated.

This is part of the safety policies ICAO promotes.

FAA Controllers

Vince Blaber

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Jeff Donnelly

ATC Instructor

Dennis Kelly

Air traffic control

Ron Shusrterman

Air Traffic Control Specialist

David Charles Dominguez

System Operations and Technical Operations

James Mihalek

Online Instructor

Lewis Helmig

Retired ATCS (AT 2152 LH)
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