VFR Procedures & Communications


VFR Course

The VFR course was created for student pilots that will soon learn to fly in the United States, and want to finish their flight training with ease and with a faster learning curve.
We dedicate this course to learning all of the essential phraseology, terminology, vocabulary, procedures, regulation, airspaces, FBO´s, FSS and other facilities that a pilot needs to know to fly VFR in the U.S.

  • Where am I?
  • Orientation Resources
  • Position Report and Traffic
  • Visual Landmarks Orientation and Location

  • Marathon
  • Visual References on the VFR Chart
  • Position Report
  • Ground and Traffic
  • Pattern Phraseology
  • Visual Flight Pattern
  • Marathon
  • Sequential Maneuvers, Movements & Actions
  • Taxiing Instructions
  • VFR Departure and
  • Approach Clearances
  • Different Airspaces
  • Marathon
  • ATIS, Special ATIS and
  • ATC Weather Information
  • Weather Situations
  • Flight Plan, Weather
  • Services and FSS
  • Adverse Weather Situations
  •  Marathon
  • Phraseology in Use
  • Departing from Class B & C Airports
  • CTAF & Unicom
  • En route VFR Transitions
  • Marathon
  • ATC and Pilot´s Requests
  • Awareness Of Surroundings on Approach
  • Visual Night Flight
  • Transponder Operations
  • Marathon
  • Verification and Clarification
  • Critical Decision-making
    Unforeseen Operational Issues
  • Rejecting ATC´s
  • Instructions
  • Marathon
  • Cross-country Flight I
  • Cross-country Flight II
  • Cross-country Flight III
  • Cross-country Flight IV
  • Cross-country Flight V
VFR Procedures & Communications

Course Modules

Reproducir video

FAA Controllers

Vince Blaber

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Jeff Donnelly

ATC Instructor

Dennis Kelly

Air traffic control

Ron Shusrterman

Air Traffic Control Specialist

David Charles Dominguez

System Operations and Technical Operations

James Mihalek

Online Instructor

Lewis Helmig

Retired ATCS (AT 2152 LH)
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