RTARI Course


RTARI Course

  • Understand the importance of effective communication in air traffic services.
  • Learn standard phraseology and terminology used in air traffic control communication.
  • Develop proficiency in radio telephony communication techniques, including clear and concise communication, message prioritization, and emergency procedures.
  • Understand the importance of situational awareness and decision-making in air traffic services communication.
Clearance delivery

Course topics


Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of aviation terminology and procedures

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of aviation terminology and procedures. It is recommended that participants have some experience working in aviation, such as a pilot, air traffic controller, or aviation technician.


Radio Telephony Communication

Air Traffic Control

Standard Procedures in Air Traffic Control Communication.

Basic ATC Phraseology


Aircraft Callsigns and Identification.


Weather Information Communication.

Emergency Procedures


Flight Planning and Clearance Procedures.

Emergency situations

Describing pictures and audios of emergency situations.

Clearance delivery

Course duration

FAA Controllers

Vince Blaber

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Jeff Donnelly

ATC Instructor

Dennis Kelly

Air traffic control

Ron Shusrterman

Air Traffic Control Specialist

David Charles Dominguez

System Operations and Technical Operations

James Mihalek

Online Instructor

Lewis Helmig

Retired ATCS (AT 2152 LH)
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