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Uleadair is a leading company in Aviation English Training

All our courses follow the recomendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
We use the same English levels according to the ICAO descriptors.

Alicia Pérez Romo

Uleadair Course Coordinator

Lic. David Arroyo Pieck

Programmer and developer


Capt. R. Alejandro Pérez Chávez CEO

I am a recently retired airline captain from Aeromexico Airlines with 18,000+ hours in various aircraft including DC-8, DC-9, MD-80, B-767, and the 787. I have an advanced degree in Industrial Anthropology from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and conducted a linguistic analysis of the American Airlines 965 accident (Cali, Colombia) for my master’s thesis. Currently, I am the founder (and director) of Uleadair – Aviation English and Airmanship online training, LLC. Uleadair has 15 years of specialized experience teaching non-native English speaking pilots on how to communicate effectively within the U.S. National Airspace System and testing non-native English pilots with immersive scenarios (simulations) in order to provide validity by focusing only on communication skills in relation to genuine operational tasks.




Our mission is to empower pilots around the world to develop exceptional skills in aviation English, providing high-quality training and innovative tools that drive their success in the aviation industry. We are committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative learning environment, where pilots gain the confidence and competence necessary to communicate fluently and accurately in any flight situation. By focusing on a practical approach and real-life scenarios, we seek to contribute to the professional growth of our students and, at the same time, improve safety and efficiency in the aeronautical field. Our mission is to be the leading reference in teaching English for aviation, helping each pilot achieve their goals and advance their career with firmness and determination.



Our company aims to be a leader in pilot training in aeronautical English, offering innovative and personalized programs to raise the level of competence and confidence in flying. We are committed to providing high-quality courses, designed to address the real challenges faced by pilots, from students to seasoned professionals. With highly trained instructors and a hands-on approach, we seek to help pilots overcome language barriers and master communication skills essential for modern aviation. Our goal is to create a safe and stimulating learning environment, where each driver can reach their full potential and advance their career with confidence. Through our training, we aim to contribute to a safer and more efficient aviation system, where clear and precise communication is the basis for success.




Uleadair has developed learning methods that range from internet- delivered, game-like Aviation English experiences that are self-directed - to online, interactive virtual classrooms with highly experienced Aviation English instructors.

Aviation professionals and enthusiasts are able to learn whenever and wherever they want - at their own pace under the guidance of their virtual and "real" instructors.

Since our methods are uniquely designed to bring Aviation English skill levels from mere competency to mastery in such a short time, you are able to outperform other training methods and exceed ICAO requirements.

FAA Controllers

Vince Blaber

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Jeff Donnelly

ATC Instructor

Dennis Kelly

Air traffic control

Ron Shusrterman

Air Traffic Control Specialist

David Charles Dominguez

System Operations and Technical Operations

James Mihalek

Online Instructor

Lewis Helmig

Retired ATCS (AT 2152 LH)
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